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A:Could you do me a favor and proofread my resume before I send it out to the human resources department?

A:我把个人简历寄到国际部以后, 你能帮校订呵呵?

B:Sure,let me take a look. Personal Information, Education, Experience, Training. 。 。 I think you should add another section for language. You speak three languages, so you might as well put that on your resume.

B:总之能,让我看一看……个人隐私、基础教育、历经、专业培训……我指出你如果把这几项再加之。 你会讲四种词汇, 因此最合适把那些写进个人简历。

A:But languages dont have anything to do with engineering。 Shouldnt everything I put on my resume have something to do with my field?


B:Not necessarily. I think people would be impressed by your language abilities. It says something about your level of intellect and experience. Also, I think human resources directors want to see more of a well-rounded person in a resume.

B:不一定。我想人们会对你的词汇能力留下深刻的印象。这能说明你的智商水平和历经。而且, 我指出国际部门的领导希望从个人简历中更多地了解呵呵一个更全面发展的人才.

A:Its just a piece of paper,you think that they can tell if I am a well-rounded person by looking at it?

A:这只不过是一张纸, 你指出他们看呵呵就能知道我是个全面发展的人才吗?

B:Well, you’re right, the resume is limited in how much it can tell someone about a person. That’s why job interviews are important to let people know the real you that they cant see from a piece of paper. But resumes can be helpful in explaining things and giving a good impression to a potential employer。

B:好了, 你说的对, 个人简历在说明一个人有多大能力方面确实是有限的,这也是为什么求职面试那么重要, 它能让人们了解真实的你, 这是他们从纸上无法看出来的,可是个人简历在说明一些情况方面还是有帮助的, 而且能给你未来的老板留下良好印象。


A:Let’s review the CVs we received last week for our vacancy in the financial department。 What have you got?


B:Take a look at this one. Experience,three years in accounting for a large marketing firm, before that she worked entry level in banking management. Looks pretty impressive. What do you think?

B:看呵呵这份个人简历……历经方面: 在一家大的销售公司做过三年的会计, 此前在银行管理部门做过初级职位。看起来很不错。你们怎么看?

A:Her education background is also quite outstanding. She graduated with her Bachelors degree from Harvard in Finance, later got a master’s degree from Stanford. Looking just at that, Id say shes qualified。

A:她的基础教育背景也相当不错. 她本科毕业于哈佛大学的金融专业,获得学士学位, 后来在斯坦福大学获得硕士学位。仅仅看这几项, 我就指出她是合格入选。

B:Maybe a little overqualified. She might have higher salary expectations. Also, she hasn’t listed any personal information. We dont know her marital status, whether or not she has children. Why, she didnt even put her birth date on the CV! No picture either.

B:也许她的资历有点儿太高了……说不定她对工资的期望也会很高。而且她也没有列出任何个人隐私。我们不清楚她的婚姻状况, 也不知道她是否有孩子。哎呀, 她连出生日期也没写在履历上!也没有照片……

A:Oh,didnt you know? Shes an American. Generally, Americans will not put those types of personal statistics on their CVs. That’s the difference between a CV and a resume。

A:奥, 你不知道吗?她是个美国人。一般来说, 美国人不愿把那些个人数据写在履历上。这是履历和个人简历的区别。

B:Why don’t they put those vital statistics on their resumes?


A:Because America has many laws to ensure equality and prevent discrimination, Americans are not required or even expected to put information of such a personal nature on their resumes. The purpose is to prevent discrimination in hiring based on age, gender, or marital status。

A:因为美国有很多确保平等、防止歧视的法律, 因此美国人不要求或者甚至不期望应聘者把这样的个人隐私写进个人简历。其目的是防止在招聘时出现歧视年龄、性别或婚姻状况的情况。

B:Oh, I did n’t know that。

B:奥, 我不知道那些。

A:An American employer would never even ask for a photo on a resume.



do not have anything to do with: 与…无关

a well-rounded person: 多才多艺的人才

ensure equality and prevent discrimination: 确保平等、防止歧视

vital statistics: 重要数据

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